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DL Custom Outdoor Enclosures

DL Custom outdoor enclosures are designed to house electrical, electronic, hydraulic, or pneumatic controls and instruments

• DL Custom outdoor enclosures provide heavyduty construction to provide protection from dirt, dust, oil, and water.
• DL Custom outdoor enclosures are built to NEMA 4 specifications to provide protection against solid objects such as falling dirt,
circulating dust, airborne dust, and windblown dust.
• 19” rack mount configurations are available.
• OPTIONAL – 800, 1500, 2500 or 3200 BTU/HR



• These cabinets are reversible allowing the doors to swing out to the left or right hand side by simply flipping the unit.

• Tops and bottoms have two cable entry cutouts and two 4” fan-hole cutouts. In addition, there is one cable entry cutout in the rear.

• The front door uses a cam-lock to secure it to the center section. Access to the rear is provided by opening the center section.

• Doors are available in Plexiglas, solid steel or mesh steel.

• Made of welded 14 gauge steel.

Please Note: The overall depth can be calculated by adding 4” to the useable depth shown in column C.



(A) Designed to allow easy access to cables in the rear (behind patch panels or equipment), while maintaining strength and integrity.

(B) A bottom bracket to ‘stop and lock’ the frame in place.

(C) Available in 19” or 23” rack mounts. Dimension C is the depth from the wall, which is available in depths of18” or 25”. For 25” depths use the suffix “25” at the end of the part number.

Ex:SORR3519 for 18” depthSORR351925 for 25” depth


New double hinged wall bracket folds into a flat pack for shipping, call for details 1-855-475-0275


Used to mount 19″ patch panels where a cabinet is not ideally suitable. Four models are featured to ensure your needs are fully met. Units are available in adjustable depths of 6”-10” or 12”-16”. Custom sizes are available upon request.

DL Custom Outdoor cabinet platform

The DL Custom Outdoor cabinet platform is designed for a variety of applications and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. This cost-
effective solution has a unique design that give flexibility to easily have various heights of cabinets.

The DL Custom Outdoor cabinet is well suited for power equipment, batteries, telecom gear, all integrated into a robust, package. The cabinet is
also well suited for areas that require limited equipment installation, as a stand-alone power for site-power applications or a battery solution for
additional growth to existing application. The cabinet contains internal mounting rails, which allow installation of standard 19” equipment.

• Available in Large or Compact design – ideal for small sites
• Single skin walls construction with thermal insulation
• 3 pairs of mounting rails, fully adjustable from front to back
• Welded, unitized construction for durability.
• HVAC unit – 2000 – 12000 BTU
• 3-point locking system.
• Outdoor paint for protection against corrosion
• Features an integrated roof.
• An extensive range of system accessories.
• Available in customizable sizes