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Engineering & Design

DL Custom has a number of standard products built to exacting standards and specifications. Those standards have been designed around the requirements of equipment such as servers and associated pieces of hardware.

We know though that sometimes a customer may require non-standard equipment to accommodate special equipment or floor plans. For this reason, we can customize an existing product to meet your needs.

In addition to that, we can design what you need from the ground up. We can design, engineer and fabricate any product that you can visualize.

Contact one of our sales reps and tell us what you want. We can do it for you.

Project Management

Designing a server room layout, a full floor layout or an entire building layout can be a daunting task for the inexperienced. That’s why we do that. Our engineering department has designed every floor plan imaginable.

Every building is different so we take your space and make it into an ergonomically efficient workplace where your layout works for you.

Contact one of our sales reps and tell us what you want. We can do it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How many racks or cabinets do I need for my server room?

The number of cabinets or racks you need depends on how many servers or other pieces of rack-mount hardware are going to be installed and how many U those pieces occupy.

The cabinet or rack height you need will depend on how many rack-mounted units are to be installed inside it. For instance, a cabinet with 30 U’s of space will accommodate as many as 30 1-U rack-mounted pieces or 15 2-U pieces.

In addition, the size of your server room will dictate the maximum number and the maximum sizes of any cabinets or racks you can install. Tables are provided to tell you the inside and outside dimensions of all of our products.​

What is a U?

A U is a standard unit of measure used to describe the height of servers and other electronic units and is 1.75”; so 3 U measures 5.25”.

How tall are cabinets or racks?

Cabinets and racks are available in different heights based on the number of U’s in the useable space. The outside height will be larger than the inside height by a fixed amount based on the structure of the unit. Tables are provided to tell you the inside and outside dimensions of all of our products.​

How deep a cabinet do I need

The depth of the cabinet you need will depend upon the depth of the hardware you intend to install inside it. Cabinets are available in 30”, 34” and 40” depths and have been designed to accommodate your server hardware and cable managers to keep cabling from your electronic units out of your way. The general rule is the depth of your longest piece of equipment plus 6” for cabling.

How wide a cabinet or rack do I need?

The width of the cabinet or rack you need will depend upon whether your cable managers are to be installed at the front of the unit or at the back of the unit. If they are to be installed at the back, a smaller cabinet or rack should serve your needs. If you need your cable management at the front of the unit, you will need a wider cabinet or rack.​

How many AC receptacles come in a cabinet or rack?

A cabinet or rack can have any number of AC receptacles installed inside it. Power bars come standard with 6, 10 or 12 receptacles and can be installed in 1, 2, 3 or 4 corners of a cabinet or on one or both sides of a rack. A rack-mount power bar is also available and takes up 1 U of rack-mount space. In addition custom power bars can be manufactured with non-standard numbers of receptacles.

Do I need to worry about heat build-up in my cabinet?

Heat build-up is a factor that must be considered when grouping servers together in a closed cabinet. DL Custom has many options available to disperse heat build-up including fans, passive cooling and closed CO2 systems. Speak to one of our reps to determine which of these options is best for you.​