DL Series Preconfigured Server Cabinets

DL Series Preconfigured Server Cabinets

DL Custom Preconfigured Server Cabinets:

DL Custom has dedicated design, engineering, manufacturing, professional services team that are hard at work delivering customized pre-configured, pre-integrated, or completely new custom cabinets, all with decreased lead time and cost and increased reliability and quality, allowing data centers to streamline customization and avoid costly, unsafe field modifications.
Made in Canada.

•DL Custom Cabinets are best-in-class, with integrated PDU, cable, and thermal management into a versatile solution.

• Fully passive solution that provides a higher volume of cold air pathways to switch intakes.

• DL Custom Cabinets include a progression of server cabinets designed to balance the thermal load of yourequipment, ensuring optimum performance and
service life.

• DL Custom Cabinets are engineered with cabinet side airflow baffle panel to eliminate recirculation of hot air.


• Fully Welded; symmetrical design construction with 11 GA Canadian Steel.
• Fully perforated front and split perforated rear door with combo locks.
• Horizontally split locking side panels for easy access
• Customizable sizes to meet your specifications.
• Rear adjustable VCM’S (two) included with Tool Less PDU mounts.
• Square hole mounting rails – adjustable front and rear – 2 pairs with RU marking
• Side Airflow baffle panels on each side of the cabinet
• Top Airflow baffle panel
• 2 set of split side panel
• 1 Vertical Grounding bar Full Height (Optional)
• Grounding kit and baying hardware included.
• Removal top with cable entry / exit with brush grommets
• Welded grounding kit: top and bottom.
• Adjustable levelers & heavy-duty casters – Standard
• Bolt down brackets
• Pack of 40 M6 cage nuts and screws
• Shipped fully assembled.
• Full range of optional accessories are available.
• 3000 lbs. static loading to handle a full load of servers.
• 10-year warranty