• These cabinets are reversible allowing the doors to swing out to the left or right hand side by simply flipping the unit.

• Tops and bottoms have two cable entry cutouts and two 4” fan-hole cutouts. In addition, there is one cable entry cutout in the rear.

• The front door uses a cam-lock to secure it to the center section. Access to the rear is provided by opening the center section.

• Doors are available in Plexiglas, solid steel or mesh steel.

• Made of welded 14 gauge steel.

Please Note: The overall depth can be calculated by adding 4” to the useable depth shown in column C.



  • 19″ rack mounting
  • Available with solid or Plexiglas front doors
  • Cam lock installed on front door and hasp on rear section
  • Fully adjustable mounting rails tapped 10-32
  • Two 3″ cable entry holes in rear section
  • Two 4″ fan cutouts in middle section
  • Unit is reversible duel swing out allows access to rear of equipment
  • Vented sides are standard


  • Cable ladders for routing cables
  • Fans
  • Plexiglas door: suffix P
  • Power bars



The WMVE model cabinet is designed for those applications where equipment is mounted vertically with “knobs up”. The solid body is welded 11 gauge steel and features a vented back with two fan mounting positions in the bottom.

The hinged top cover allows convenient equipment access



The WMB Wall Mount Box is a fixed unit with a standard 19” rackmount.

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