Vertical Cable Boxes provide a fluent transition of cables throughout the cabinet. These units feature cable entry from the rear and from both sides and come in 4”, 6” and 8” depths. Add the number representing the depth to the end of the part number. Ex: DPXVM-614.

Velcro tie wraps are supplied in 8” and 12″ lengths. The tie wraps can be used inside the cable guide or on the outside rear of the cable guide.

The Tie Bar is 3″ wide and is used to layer fiber cable in a vertical cabinet

Wire Mesh mounts at any point on the horizontal members in the cabinet. This allows you to run cables or fibers in any and all directions within the cabinet. This unique feature ensures that all your cabling is mounted without interfering with the movement of the mounting rails.
Each wire mesh unit is 6” wide and is sold in sets of 3.

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