Filler panels are available to fill empty ā€œUā€ space allowing for a cleaner more organized appearance. In addition, they block unwanted airflow where necessary. Blank panels are supplied with no-tool fasteners for ease of installation. They can also be punched with a variety of cutouts as shown.

Retractable Patch Panel

The retractable patch panel organizer can be used either in the front or back of a cabinet. It allows for quick access to panels by swinging out with bundled cables attached to diagnose any problems.

Baffle Panels

Baffle Panels are used in situations where airflow from the front to the back of the cabinet is not desirable. The 1U Cable Manager (shown below) and the Side Baffle Panel (shown right) stop air from entering the cabinet. In addition, they store excessive cabling within the cabinet and work in conjunction with the air deflector. The side baffle panel also serves to recess rackmounted equipment by 5ā€ from the front of the cabinet.

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