The DLPX 6002 series frame contains the ability to house 960 pairs of cables in a single rack. Cable access is achieved through the top and bottom of the large 10″ x 4 ¾” cable boxes in each corner, the largest size of cable manager available. Front to back cable managers are also standard. Cut-outs in the top and bottom panels offer easy access to the cable boxes. Fan-hole cut-outs in the top panel are standard. Doors come standard with a 3-point locking system ensuring security.

The DLPX-6002-44U can accommodate up to 960 pairs of cables in a single cabinet. With our No-U front to rear cable management system shown below and unique key slot design. Cables can be managed in front of the patch panel. Just loosen the screw on the patch panel and slide cable management over the head of the screw.


A kit package includes the following:
• Plexiglass front door
• Mesh rear door
• 2 pairs of adjustable universal mounting rails
• 6 front to rear cable managers
• Levelers

This 44U cabinet has an overall height of 84”.

DLC is constantly improving our designs on racks and cabinets, call us for up to date information on newer models, DLPX 4001 or the DLPX3001.

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