DL Custom High performance Thermal and Airflow Management Cabinets
• DL Custom Cabinets are best-in-class, with integrating complete power, cable and thermal management into a versatile solution.
• DL Custom Cabinets are engineered to eliminate recirculation of hot air and direct the hot air through the cabinet side airflow baffle panel.
• Fully passive solution that provides a higher volume of cold air pathways to switch intakes.
• DL Custom Cabinets include a progression of server cabinets designed to balance the thermal load of your equipment, ensuring optimum performance and service life.

• Perforated or solid locking Front and Rear door with ventilation rate of approx. 87%
• Horizontally split locking side panels for easy access
• Customizable sizes to meet your specifications
• Rear VCM’S (two) included *** Tool Less PDU’S
• Square hole mounting rails – adjustable front and rear – 2 pairs with RU marking
• 2 vertical front adjustable cable managers with removable doors finger style – 5” D
• 10 Cable Spools (5 per VCM)
• Side Airflow baffle panels on each side of the cabinet
• Top Airflow baffle panel
• 1 set of Split divider panel
• 2*4” wide rear vertical ladder with provision for Tool Less PDU’S
• 1 Vertical Grounding bar Full Height
• Grounding kit and baying hardware included
• Removal top with cable entry / exit with brush grommets
• Welded Dual Lugs top and base of cabinet
• Adjustable levelers & heavy-duty casters – Standard
• Bolt down brackets
• Pack of 40 M6 cage nuts and screws
• Shipped fully assembled
• Full range of optional accessories are available
• 10-year warranty

• Auto-bonding for ease of grounding on Frame, Doors and side panels

Anchorage and leveling
• Easy-to-access levelers for ease of installation and pads to protect floors
• Anchor bracket kits easily install on front and rear of frame

• Welded & bolted; symmetrical design construction
• 3000 lbs. static loading to handle a full load of servers

• Lift off doors quick release. Easy on and off.
• Field reversible. 140° of rotation.
• Ground wire and locks included.
• High-flow full door with maximum perforation area ensures no blockage in equipment mounting space
• Swing handle with key lock is standard

Side panels
• Side panels are half height for easy handling
• Easy on/off locking solid side panels

Top panel
• Removable top with cable entry / exit and brush grommets.
• Configurable options

Adjustable mounting rails
• Fully adjustable front to rear.
• 19” EIA rack-mount width
• Square-punched mounting rails with RU markings for fast equipment installation

Integrated Cable Management
• VCM’s are included with every cabinet.
• Uses the managers to route cables or mount power strips.
• In addition, the top and bottom panels include integrated cable entry/exit points.

Airflow management
In air-cooled data center and enterprise computer rooms, one of the most cost-effective methods of reducing cooling costs implementing disciplined airflow management practices to isolate and separate hot and cold air within the room. 
• Eliminates hot spots
• Increase return air temperatures
• Increases the life and performance of your equipment resulting in higher ROI

• Textured Glacier White powder coating
• Textured Black powder coating

Compliance and certifications
• UL 60950-1 and CSA
• Static Load Rating – 3000 lbs. [1364 kg.]

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