Part #: DL-GQAM Part Description: W: 19”RM x H: 1Ru x D: 20”

DL Custom has dedicated design, engineering, manufacturing, professional services team that are hard at work delivering customized pre-configured, pre-integrated, or completely new custom cabinets, all with decreased lead time and cost and increased reliability and quality, allowing data centers to streamline customization and avoid costly, unsafe field modifications. Made in Canada.

• DL Series side cooling solution is a 1 RU rack mount enclosure Unit with optimal heat dissipation. Engineered with optimized airflow due to the large intake of cool air from the front panel and side panels pay tributes to the high performance of your side to side cooling electronics equipment.
• DL series side cooling solution prevents hot air from recirculating back to the cold aisle side of the rack ensuring the mounted equipment does not overheat and performs at optimal efficiency and enhance server lifespan.
• Case is manufactured from light grade steel and includes mounting hardware.

• Lower cooling costs
• Less racks required results in cost savings
• Less floor space required
• Consistent and predictable cool air delivery to the equipment intake

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