DL Custom has dedicated design, engineering, manufacturing, professional services team that are hard at work delivering customized pre-configured, pre-integrated, or completely new custom cabinets, all with decreased lead time and cost and increased reliability and quality, allowing data centers to streamline customization and avoid costly, unsafe field modifications.
Made in Canada.

DLC Pre-Configured DL Cabinets is a great solution for your time critical server cabinets requirements. Specially manufactured based on the most popular configuration standards for Data Center, each cabinet is factory configured and is packaged ready-to-ship. Because the components are preloaded and packaged at manufacturing facilities, consistency and quality can be more easily maintained compared to the field where installation environments and skill level can vary considerably. With preloaded components, packaging and waste are also significantly reduced, which makes preconfigured cabinets a much greener option. The operating environment heavily influences recommendations on components such as vents, filters, and gaskets, as well as the type of materials used, and finishes applied to the exterior of an enclosure.


• Perforated doors for both front and back of the server cabinet enclosure with swing handle lock for better heat exhaust, resulting in better equipment performance.

• Two Removable Side panels for better accessibility

• Convenient grounding system. Components are grounded to the enclosure frame which includes multiple connections for facility ground.

• Ships fully assembled for rapid deployment and rolls into place on heavy-duty pre-installed casters.

• Front and rear sets of equipment mounting rails Square hole with “U” Markings – 19”RM fully adjustable. Adjustment is quick and convenient.

• Leveling feet extend to allow enclosure to be positioned on uneven floors.

• Removable top with cable entry / exit with optional 4” fan cutout and brush grommets.

• Built in Overhead cable tray in cabinet roof – Front & Rear.

• Vertical cable managers built into each corner post.

• UL Listed 60950 and up to 3,000 lbs. (1,360 kg) static load rating.

• 14-gauge steel (body)
• 16-gauge steel (doors and side panels)
• 12-gauge steel (square hole mounting rails)

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