Sliding Keyboard Tray:

​The Sliding Keyboard Tray has a retractable steel keyboard tray with padded palm rest, is height adjustable 2″ up or down and features a 10 degree negative tilt which locks into the desired position.

Part # DLKBT-22

Sliding Keyboard And Mouse Tray:

​The Sliding Keyboard and Mouse Tray comes with a retractable steel keyboard tray and paddle palm rest. It’s height adjustable with a 10 degree negative tilt and locks in position. It includes a mouse pad with a Tyron™ textured surface and core control antenna; left or right assembly.

Part# DLKBT-27


Pencil Tray Drawer:

​The Pencil Tray Drawer is a universal fit and has a minimum opening of 22½ wide, and will accommodate most office supplies.



Mouse Arena:

​The Mouse Arena features an ergonomic design with an adjustable padded leather palm support cord control antenna and a canted Tyron™ precision slide surface; for use with all mouse controls.

Part# DLMT-1

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